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What’s Going On


07/07/2022 - Halfway finished with the First draft for new work in the Tapestry of Worlds series.

07/05/2022 - 2 Broads & A Podcast Debuts on Anchor/Spotify/Audible (Also see podcast page under "More")

06/23/2022 - NEWS!!! Working on finishing edits for Horror Writers Ink Anthology!

04/26/2022 Tapestry of Worlds; The White Raven Awakens is released on Audible

Podcast Appearances:

2/16/2023 - Where In the Folk Podcast with Morgana Calder

10/31/2022 - Metaphysical Mississippi

12/16/2021 Into the Outer Realms hosted by Tonya and Joey Madia

11/07/2021 Where In the Folk discussion on the Mandella Effect with Morgana Calder

10/19/2021 Mark Eddy’s Night-light Radio appearance with Allen Gamboa

10/08/2021  Lighting the Void with Joe Rupe appearance with Mogana Caulder.

9/24/2021 Lighting the Void with Joe Rupe appearance with Mogana Caulder.

8/21/2021 Co-Host Mystic Iceland Interview on Where In the Folk

8/11/2021 Co-Host Interview of Zombie Author Mike Evans on 3 Beards Podcast

7/27/2021 YA Urban Fantasy Novels by Hadley Thorne

7/02/2021 Book Reader Magazine Article: Featured Author Hadley Thorne

7/24/2021 Haunted Library, Ghost Episode, Written Horror Facebook

7/21/2021 3 Beards Podcast, Hadley Thorne

7/16/2021 Where In the Folk, Ep. #36 Pee Wee Gaskins- with Hadley and Christie Pt. II

7/11/2021 Where In the Folk, Ep. #35 Pee Wee Gaskins – with Hadley Thorne, and Christie Pt. I

7/10/2021 Haunted Library, Jack the Ripper, Written Horror Facebook

6/16/2021 Where In the Folk, Ep. #30 Wyrd Realities with Hadley Thorne and Shay Tully

6/16/2021 3 Minutes Podcast, Ep 28. Hadley Thorne Part 2

6/12/2021 Haunted Library Writers on Writing, Written Horror Facebook

5/15/2021 Haunted Library #8, Written Horrors Facebook

5/04/2021 Readers Magnet Club Article: Weaving the Wyrd – Meet the Author of Tapestry of Worlds

4/20/2021 Where In the Folk, Ep. # 23 Shooting the Breeze with Hadley Thorne

3/09/2021 3 Minutes Podcast, Ep 14. Hadley Thorne

2/26/2021 Where in the Folk, Ep. #19 Hadley Thorne

1/05/2021 Interview with Hadley Thorne by Lauren Smith of Nite Caller Productions


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