Hadley's Wyrd World


Realism, myth, magic, and sci-fi collide in a gripping urban fantasy saga, Tapestry of Worlds by author and podcast creator Hadley Thorne. Thorne expertly ties in supernatural and mythical elements with relevant current events, including the Covid-19 pandemic. It is her greatest pleasure to bring some light into others’ darkness by introducing them to wyrd concepts, theories, myth, and legends. When she is not writing, you can find Hadley gardening, spending time with her fur kids, family of choice, or working on the Wyrd Realities Podcast.


A knowledge seeker, spiritual intuitive, Empath, & healer, Hadley is devoted to the quest for a deeper understanding of life’s hidden mysteries. Her earliest memories involve lucid dreaming, astral travel, and past life memories. With no one to turn to for understanding these things, she began seeking answers on her own through books on the occult, metaphysics, witcheries, and neo-paganism.


As the creator of Wyrd Realities Podcast, Hadley has worked hard to create a haven where writers, podcasters, filmmakers, and researchers can come together. Her purpose, creating a place where peers can come together as equals to explore new ideas, have stimulating conversations, and discuss things that stimulate their curiosity and feed their imagination.

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