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About Hadley

Besides crafting compelling metaphysical fiction and enthralling paranormal romances, Hadley Thorne is the visionary founder of the Wyrd Realities Network. Through her storytelling, Thorne seamlessly melds realism, myth, and magic, fashioning believable and enchanting worlds.

Her diverse interests span the realms of history, energy work, ley lines, Reiki, and the exploration of various anomalous phenomena. Delving deep into spirituality and ancestral research, Thorne draws inspiration from these pursuits to infuse her narratives with depth and authenticity.

At the heart of her literary universe lies the Tapestry of Worlds series, where Thorne paints a vivid portrait of a post-apocalyptic Louisiana and Mississippi set against the backdrop of modern times. With a masterful blend of contemporary realism and fantastical elements, she breathes new life into the age-old struggle of good versus evil, inviting readers to embark on an unforgettable journey through familiar and fantastical realms.

Growing up amidst the rich tapestry of Mississippi, Hadley Thorne has always been drawn to the quest for forgotten truths. While she deeply respects all religious paths, she finds her most profound connection with the divine in the embrace of nature. Identifying herself as a dream journeyer, a weaver of the cosmic flows, a phoenix soul, a guardian, and a conjurer of Wyrd, Thorne embodies a myriad of mystical personas.

Beyond her world-building endeavors, Thorne is spearheading the development of a podcasting network that intertwines storytelling, truth-seeking, and the exploration of mystical knowledge. Originating on Halloween 2020, the podcast, aptly named Wyrd Realities with a "y", aims to engage with fellow creatives and delve into the wellsprings of their inspiration.


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