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About Hadley

In addition to writing metaphysical fiction and paranormal romance, Hadley Thorne is the founder and CEO of WYRDRealities Network. In her stories, Hadley uses realism, myth, and magic to create believable and magical worlds. Her interests include history, working with energy flows, ley lines, Reiki, researching various types of anomalous phenomena, exploring her spirituality, and learning about her ancestors. Her series, Tapestry of Worlds, depicts a post-apocalyptic Louisiana and Mississippi landscape set during modern times. With a blend of modern realism and magic fantasy elements, Thorne reinvents an old tale of good versus evil.


Born and raised in Mississippi, Hadley considers herself a seeker of long-forgotten truths. She respects all religious paths but has found her personal connection with God when she is experiencing the natural world. She describes herself as a dream journeyer, a weaver of the flows, a phoenix soul, a guardian, and a conjurer of Wyrd.


Besides creating new worlds, Hadley Thorne is developing a podcasting network that weaves storytelling, truth-seeking, and the pursuit of mystical knowledge. The podcast originally launched on Halloween 2020 and was named Wyrd (with a "y") Realities with the aim of talking to other creative types about where their inspiration comes from.

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