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About Hadley

As a storyteller, Hadley seamlessly blends realism, myth, and magic to create believable and enchanting worlds. In addition to studying history, energy work, ley lines, Reiki, and exploring anomalous phenomena, she has diverse interests that span a wide range of subjects. Embracing spirituality and ancestral research as sources of inspiration, Thorne infuses her writing with depth and authenticity.


​Thorne's Tapestry of Worlds series is at the center of her literary universe. It vividly portrays a post-apocalyptic Louisiana and Mississippi against a modern backdrop. Using a blend of contemporary realism and fantastical elements, she redefines the age-old struggle between good and evil, taking readers through familiar and fantastical realms.


​In addition to world-building, Hadley is establishing a podcasting network that incorporates storytelling, truth-seeking, and mystical exploration. With the launch of Wyrd Realities on Los Dias de La Muerto 2020, the podcast aims to explore the wellsprings of inspiration through conversations with other creatives. 


In essence, Hadley embodies many mystical personas: dream journeyer, weaver of cosmic flows, phoenix soul, guardian, and conjurer of Wyrd. For more information, you contact her. She is just one weird kid looking for others who share her enthusiasm. 

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