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Hadley Thorne

Now available on Amazon Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and in Paperback! Get your copy today!


A century has passed since Connor O'Brien became a vampire against his will. As a result of decades of hatred and rage, Connor only cares about protecting his family and gaining revenge on the one who stole his humanity. Then he saw Niamh. The moment he saw the beautiful sidhe princess and heard her sing, his heart ached to possess her.


Despite being the sole heir to Emerald City Under the Mound, Niamh el Ri'ili spends her days locked away at the shining court and her nights playing fiddle across the veil in the world of men. All of that changed the night she met the vampire Connor O’Brien. Because of him, her long-dormant hand of power awakens in a new world of blood and sun. As supernatural forces fan their appetites and desires, a web of courtly intrigue and seduction entangles them.


Suddenly, an old foe arises when they are least expecting it. Niamh is robbed of her memories and power, and hidden away in the world of men - away from the safety of the Other World. 


Are Connor's affections enough to break Niamh's spell and keep her from fading into oblivion?  


Welcoming the exciting new installment of Hadley Thorne's Tapestry of Worlds, a thrilling story of earthly pleasures and spellbinding magic, courts ruled the immortals, fae, vampires, and other kindred.


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