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Unraveling the Tapestry of Worlds: Exploring the Major Arcana of the TOW Tarot

I am pleased to announce the upcoming livestream/podcast Creator's Corner as part of Wyrd-verse! I will take you on a mystical journey as we explore the rich symbolism and profound meanings hidden within the Tapestry of Worlds (TOW) Tarot. I'm looking forward to unraveling the secrets behind these powerful cards in our upcoming podcast/live stream on Wyrd Realities Network with my beautiful friend Sarah the Psychic Medium. Prepare to be wowed as we introduce several incredibly gifted guests from the psychic and metaphysical communities.

Creating the Cards: A Collaborative Journey

As I design and write the meaning of the symbolism of each card for the TOW Tarot, Sarah will share her unique perspective and intuitive insights to the table. Every stroke of the brush will be infused with personalized meaning based on the characters and storyline in the Tapestry of Worlds series, ensuring that each card resonates deeply with its symbolism and message.

Exploring Symbolism and Meanings

From the enigmatic Fool to the transformative World, the Major Arcana cards are a roadmap of the human experience. In our podcast/live stream, we'll dive deep into each card's symbolism, exploring its historical significance and modern interpretations. Sarah's psychic abilities will offer a fresh perspective, shedding light on hidden truths and guiding us through the labyrinth of the Tarot. We might even be able to get her to do a live chatroom reading for our listeners!

The Impact of the Tapestry of Worlds-verse

Tarot decks are not just decks - they are gateways to a mysterious, magical universe. Embedded with the essence of the Tapestry of Worlds-verse, each card invites you to explore its depths and discover its secrets. You might be a seasoned Tarot reader or a curious newcomer, but the TOW Tarot will surely enrich your spiritual journey and illuminate your path.

Join Us on the Journey

We invite you to join us for this transformative experience! Stream the Creator's Corner podcast/live stream on Wyrd Realities Network to unravel the Tapestry of Worlds. Time and dates will be announced, but I look forward to leading you on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment through Tarot.

Get ready to be captivated, enchanted, and inspired as we explore the TOW Tarot.

Let's embark on an adventure together - are you ready?

Let's connect in the Creator's Corner (

With love,



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